Mobile Surveillance App

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* Add a device by QR code scanning.

* Share a device to multiple users, and allow multiple users to log in to the same account from multiple clients simultaneously.

* Live view: live video in split view on multiple screens, resume live view, PTZ control, two-way audio, image quality, snapshot and record.

* Playback: recording search, synchronous playback, 4/9-split, SD card recording playback.

* Alarm: Real-time motion detection alarm, alarm video, batch handling of alarm messages.

* Sharing: Share device/channel, set sharing period and permissions, view/edit sharing history, cancel sharing.

* Cloud account management: sign up with an email address, edit account info, retrieve password.

* File management: sort image/video by type, export files, share files via third-party apps.



Device Management

Device management

Max. 6 devices or 100 channels

Add a device by scanning QR code or entering serial number

Edit/delete devices

Upgrade and share device/channel

Live View

Play control

1/4/9/16 split view

Live view on multiple screens

Image quality: HD/SD/Smooth (main/sub/third stream)

Drag video to play in another window

Play/pause video in selected window

Resume live video in the previous split view

Tap to playback in the selected window

Snapshot and record; tap to view saved snapshots/videos

PTZ control

8 directions

Focus, zoom

Note: Actual functionality may vary depending on device capability.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio with NVR and camera (including NVR-connected camera)

Note: Actual functionality may vary depending on device capability.

Recording and Playback


Search by date and device

Display recording status on the calendar

Custom video start time

Image quality: clear/smooth (sub/third stream)

Drag the timeline to search, pinch the timeline to zoom in/out (5/10/30/60m timeline scale)


Up to 4-ch playback synchronous playback

Split video into small segments by 4-split or 9-split to pinpoint an event

Play recordings saved on an SD card

Digital zoom

Snapshot and record, tap to view saved snapshots/videos.

1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x and 4x playback speed

Resume playback in the previous split view

Alarm Records

Real-time alarm info display and acknowledge

History alarm display/acknowledge/query

Cloud Account Management

Sign up and login

Sign up by an e-mail address

Remember accounts that you have successfully logged in


Share Uniarch account

Change password and edit personal info

Change registered e-mail address



Share device/channel

Set sharing period and permissions

Sharing list

Display sharing history

Edit/cancel sharing

Alarm message

Message list

Motion detection alarm

Push alarm messages in real time

View alarm recording (only when alarm recording exists)

Batch message operation

File Management

File list

Sort by type (image/video)

Delete files

Export files to mobile phone

Share files via third-party apps

Press and hold to select multiple files

Batch file operation


PTZ speed

1-9 levels

Do Not Disturb

When enabled, the mobile phone does not alert you when an alarm is received.

Data usage

Cellular/Wi-Fi data usage


Temporary device password

Obtain a temporary device password by QR code scanning or entering device serial number


Version upgrade

Check for update automatically



Customer service

Customer service info


Operating system

iOS 8.0 or later

Android 4.0 or later


1 GB or higher

Display resolution

480 x 800 or higher


Android and iOS mobile phone and pad