IoT Unear A30T

All in One Video Conference Camera




IoT-Unear A30T is a desktop all-in-one USB video conferencing device for huddle-to-small-sized teams. This product has a 100° ultra-wide horizontal view and supports full HD video calls. The built-in 4- element omnidirectional microphones array, customized, human-voice-optimized wideband speaker, enables 15 feet full-duplex two-way communication and stable HD audio and video conference experience. IoT-Unear A30T has an embedded camera, microphones, and a speaker into one single device. Features such as USB plug & play and general compatibility with leading online conference platforms makes IoT-Unear A30T an excellent choice for conference rooms hosting 1-8 people and an online collaboration efficiency booster for all business teams


– Omnidirectional 4 microphones array algorithm, 5-
meter far-field clear voice pickup
– Exclusive AI noise-suppression technology,
significantly increase concentration of conference
– Real full-duplex, HQ uninterrupted communication
– 100° full HD wide-angle camera, in-person
conference experience
– Plug & play, general compatibility with leading
online conference platforms
– Audio & video all-in-one, intuitive control




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